How to Quit Your Soul-Sucking Job

Note: There’s a difference between working for a paycheck vs losing your self-respect

This is for when your workday starts to feel like this:

…The attitude becomes the “same shit just another day”

…Jumping off the cliff doesn’t sound like a bad idea

… You are given more work poo to do than you are getting paid for

…Your temporary day job is now eating after hours life away

…Your therapy session is filled with work stories

…You dream about a life crisis happening so you have a reason to call in


And this is your wake up call

Put in that notice, because you deserve better.

No, really you do!

We are so worried about narcissism and gaslighting in our personal relationships but what about at work? Who will protect you?…. The answer is YOU!

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

Ok, I’m ready, how do I escape?

Stop Being Kind

I was told to stop being nice. My coworkers saw me being taken advantage of and sat back and watched. I don’t know where I learned this horrible habit from but being nice is who I am. In some ways, I did agree that I needed to have more confidence in myself, learn assertive communication, and set boundaries. All these are better than bringing out full throttle Rihanna. I also agreed to never work for a place that told me to dim my light ever again and put in my notice. We should stop being nice in the sense of not allowing others to disrespect us and speaking up for our personal rights. If being nice to you means taking on more job tasks than you can handle, then you should stop being nice, because you are slowly burning yourself out.

Find Your Voice

There is something about seeing a place once you have decided to quit. All of a sudden the steaming pile of poo is easier to see. All the garbage is overflowing and you are ready to split. But first, you have to tell your boss, maybe your co-workers if you like them, and… is two weeks really long enough to pass on the godlike work you are doing? Somewhere we lost it. The voice who made good decisions. At some point, we stopped using that voice and allowed our boss, co-workers, or corporate BS to speak louder. Something about sitting in front of a computer for X amount of hours does something to a person. This really boils down to your self-worth. You have to believe, really believe, that you deserve a better hell than the one you are currently in. You may not have actual proof yet but there is someone out there awaiting your talents and skills. Yes, Really! The thing is you have to be ready and available. Which may never happen waiting at the garbage dump.

Realize No One Really Gives A Shit

We like to think the world will end if a company loses us. The hard truth is you will be easily replaced by another fool willing to do their minion work and they will probably get paid more. I know, WTF! Realizing that no one else truly gives a shit, but towards their own advancement, is a harsh truth I should have learned a long time ago like setting boundaries and assertive communication. I had made work my second life, giving it more power than I should. When you really see the people around you in your workplace who are also burned out and living off of gas fumes, it becomes easier to walk away from a toxic place into the unknown.

Photo by Fabian Møller on Unsplash

The workplace is changing rapidly. Every place teaches us something whether that be big or small. We never walk away empty-handed. We may sometimes feel like a fool or a failure. Every place gives us something and walking away at the right moment is key to maintaining your self-respect.




Hi , I’m a woman in her mid 30s trying not to die. Writing about mental health, self love, and assortment of experiences.

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Selena Yazmin

Selena Yazmin

Hi , I’m a woman in her mid 30s trying not to die. Writing about mental health, self love, and assortment of experiences.

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